AFL-CIO president on impact of Trump administration’s trade war with China

“Now, look, the — look, this economy has not worked for working people for 30 years.

Let me say this. Over the last 30 years, the wealth of the top 1 percent has increased $21 trillion. And during that same period of time, it’s decreased from the bottom 50 percent by $900 million. Workers are being left behind. There needs to be massive changes to this economy. We need to talk to Wall Street and support Wall Street not — not — I mean main street, not Wall Street. When we do that, we’ll get behind that candidate.

Are we going to have disagreements with people? Of course we are. But we will see who is going to create an economy that works for working people Who is going to strengthen our right to bargain collectively so we can get a fair share of what we produce with our employers, and who’s going to take the Wall Street-dominated point of view that we have right now and change it so that main street gets more consideration.” – Trumka