Long Beach Transit (LBT)

LBT has been filled with accomplishments, challenges, and lots of excitement. LBT has earned an excellent reputation since its formation in 1963: for everything from its passenger and public safety, cleanliness and reliability of the bus fleet, and friendliness of its bus operators. Together, all these things have contributed to the building of a great image for a growing transit system. Not only do we carry more than three times the number of customers we did 50 years ago, but we also have not lost a single day of service for the community.


Through the years, with the leadership and guidance of our Board of Directors, Long Beach Transit has continued its tradition of responsiveness to our customers and the community. We have followed conservative policies, expanding services at a pace commensurate with the demand and our financial limitations.


With everyone working together, our future is bright. As we look back on over 50 years of progress, we see the firm foundation that Long Beach Transit’s future success is built on.




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